Our Approach to Project Management

Stack holders has only one requirement. That is: the project should be delivered timely and worth the money spent. Most local clients do not require developers to strictly follow the best practice and set standards of software project management. Documents and other tasks strictly related to project maangement are not in most cases considered as deliverables. As we believe the success of any of our project depends on the skillful project management, we tend to practice these set standards. Our project management style is in most cases adaptable to the client’s requirement.  Our projects are well documented and scheduled; these documents will always be at the disposal of the client.


The software project management process makes us responsive to the inevitable change of any software project. We are sensitive to deadlines and flexible with schedules so that our milestones align with clients priorities. Our project management approach stresses the following:

  • Self managed and cross functional team members
  • Set guidlines and document templates to easily complete project management tasks
  • Complete project lifecycle in iterations, i.e. planning, design, coding, testing, documentation, and demonstration
  • Transparency through daily reporting of progress and quality

A disciplined process is key to providing predictability and reliability while reducing project risks for our customers. After each phase of our project work, we conduct a disciplined After Action Review (using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry) in which we ask ourselves the simple question, “What did we do exceptionally well, and how do we expand those things into other areas of our work?”. These reviews enable us to continuously improve our project process and customer relationship skills.


  1. There should be a proper scheduling and planning due to the project management and the more we are scheduled and stuck to the schedule the more we get better results.

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